You Deserve the Best
Health Care at Home

We are a home health care company formed to provide home-based
medical services as an alternative to expensive out of home care. Devoted to providing the best quality care in the community, we employ a highly trained clinical staff of experienced professionals ready to serve you.

Sinfonía means "symphony" and since the 16th century represents the "sounding together" or the coming together of a variety of different
instruments to produce a harmonious sound. Modern healthcare has to harmonize as well and combine multiple disciplines together toward the common goal of individualized treatment and improved quality of life. We introduce the concept of coordinated care to patients and payers across the $90 billion dollar a year home health care spectrum.

Our services are all provided in the patient's home, workplace or housing complex.

What is Home Health?

Home Health is a combination of medical services delivered in your home at the request of your physician. The job of the Home Health Professional is not only to provide needed medical services but also to teach the patient or caregiver how to better care for themselves.